What makes our program so different?

Undivided Attention

ATM users are interacting with their money. With your message on the screen and receipt, their full attention is assured. Yours is the first thing they see and it’s the only offer on the receipt – no clutter, no competition.

Undivided Attention

Real Retention

Whereas newspaper inserts and mailers are often discarded, ATM receipts are retained. Receipts are typically saved for up to 30 days to balance checkbooks. That translates into a 90% retention rate.

Impulse Opportunity

People usually visit the ATM to get cash for immediate spending. And studies show that the average ATM user withdraws $80 from the ATM and spends $30 immediately.

Gradual Redemption

Your message is continually delivered during our three month cycle, so you receive a steady flow of redemptions.

The Coveted Demographic

ATM promotions target young, educated, upscale prospects with cash in hand, when they are ready to spend. But you can opt to target specific audiences.


Because of our high volume, we offer very low CPM. And a strong offer will get it’s due in responses. That translates into a high Return on Investment. Our average ROI is around 300%. We have seen ROI as high as 900%.