Ask us how our ATM Advertising program can save you money!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this program cost?

We match what you currently pay for receipts. And in some cases, we may be able to beat your current prices. Plus, our design and art preparation is free.

How do my customers benefit from this program?

Your customers will receive added value just for using your ATM. We solicit well-known retail and service companies offering discounts and premiums on the back of the receipts. Your customers can save money just for using the ATM.

What about debit card rewards?

We can tie the special offers on the back of the receipts to your branded debit card. It becomes a reward for your customers using a debit/check card when they redeem the offer. So the receipt is like a 4-color ad promoting your card.

How does my bank benefit from this program? Does it work?

We have been able to determine that advertising your bank’s products and services on your ATM receipts will offer you an average return of 1/2%. This means that you should experience a significant lift when it comes to activation and usage of your retail products and services.

For example, AnyBank has 100 ATMs, each ATM goes through 4,000 transactions per month, resulting in a total activity of 400,000 impressions in a month. AnyBank chooses to promote online banking with bill pay. Using the average 1/2% return, AnyBank should receive 2,000 new online banking and bill pay account activations as a result of advertising on their ATM receipts. Furthermore, the debit card promotion mentioned above should increase debit card usage by up to 1/2% and reward customer loyalty.

Do you have any proof that this program works?

Absolutely. We have been able to consistently show that these programs have a return/redemption rate of around 1/2%.

Do I have to contact the sponsors and ask them to sign up?

No. We do all the work, so you don’t have to.

Why would we want to advertise another company’s products on our receipts?

Not every bank does. However, more banks are finding it necessary to be competitive in a retail environment, especially after the economic downturns suffered by the US economy. So they co-brand with quality companies to improve their reputation and expand their business.

What kind of sponsors do you solicit?

We only solicit nationally recognized, reputable companies that either have multiple locations within your footprint, or online companies that deliver to your area.

Do I get to pick which sponsors I want to participate?

We will provide you with a list of sponsors and their offers. You can review them and turn down any you feel are inappropriate.

Do bank customers actually take advantage of these special offers?

Absolutely! Our advertiser sponsors regularly send us updates and results from this program. We’d be more than happy to send you some results.

Will customers have to reveal their private account information when they redeem a coupon?

No. We elongate the ATM receipts and print any redeemable coupon at the bottom with dotted cut lines. The customer can detach that portion of the receipt without revealing any account information.

Won’t our corporate account clients get upset if they see us advertising another company’s products on our receipts?

No. In fact, we’ve been implementing this program with banks for 25 years, and we’ve never had a bank’s corporate client complain. However, we have had numerous instances when corporate clients have seen the receipts and signed up to participate as an advertiser.

Do I have to modify my ATM network in order to participate?

Not at all. Our printed offers, packaging and labeling are fully customized. We can deliver your promotional receipts to each ATM location based on that particular ATMs transaction volume. We manage the distribution of your receipts, so your branch managers and purchasing department will never have to order paper again.

With the transaction history of each ATM, we can pre-determine how many receipts will be required. And since we analyze usage patterns at both on-site and remote locations, we can pre-package and pre-label receipts for matching and usage. We will send the appropriate number of receipt rolls to each ATM.

What if one of my branches runs out of paper?

A pre-determined three-month supply of custom ATM receipt paper is shipped prior to the start of each quarterly promotion. A supply of back-up ATM receipt paper will be produced and held internally for unforeseen increased transactions and new ATMs installed during the quarter.