Ask us how our ATM Advertising program can save you money!

You Pay Nothing Extra

We match your current costs

Sign up and get premium receipts for the same price as blank paper

That’s right. We offer you our program for exactly what you currently pay for receipts. That’s because we gang print all of our orders. We can lower the cost and pass the savings on. It’s better than ordinary blank paper or just a black logo. So you’ll be paying the same amount while getting full-color, brand-enhancing receipts. It’s a free upgrade!

Receipt in hand

Receipt in hand

Screen ads can offset costs

The whole program costs even less if you use your screens. We currrently pay $10 per ATM to financial institutions presenting screen ads for the sponsors. The ads are non-invasive, appearing between prompts while the ATM is tasking. And if you participate, we’ll provide extra screen graphics matching your promotions for free. It’s an easy way to offset your ATMs operational expenses. Contact us for more information.

Artwork & production


Our program runs quarterly, with four artwork due dates throughout the year. But we can adapt production schedules for large quantities. We can supply rolls for any machine type – NCR, Diebold, etc (quantities permitting).

Artwork Due Dates


Our ATM receipts are fully customizable to support whatever marketing needs you might have. You can send us your artwork or our creative department can supply fresh artwork for you. We can match your existing graphics standards. We even offer sets of pre-designed campaigns to choose from. You can have up to 4 different receipt designs in rotation.

Pre-designed Campaigns


We print everything in full color, front and back (4/4). Since receipt paper is thin, lighter ink coverage is key. So large areas of very dark colors should be avoided.

Artwork Specifications


After 25 years, we know how to make it easy for you.

By analyzing ATM usage patterns, we can produce, ship and deliver in a timely, efficient manner. Each carton is labeled with the individual address of the ATM, ATM identification number, and an expiration date. Everything is packaged to prevent distribution mistakes.

Use our program and make it easy for yourself.

Receipt in hand