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Getting Started Is Easy

It’s easy to begin

Send us Your Database

It should contain the following information for each machine: Make and model, paper type, transaction volume, and shipping info.* Send your database to

Send us Sample Receipts

Samples depicting maximum customer transactions tell us how much of the bottom front can be used for darker print. Lighter artwork can printed on the whole front.

Choose Your Artwork

Tell us which products or services you want to promote. You can send us pre-designed creative or we can do it for you. You can choose from our sample campaigns to save time.

Review for Approval

The final step is for you to approve the artwork and sponsor ads. We will send you a list of the sponsors and their offers. You can reject any you feel are inappropriate.

*We recommend that we ship direct to each ATM branch location and bulk to your service provider for the off-site ATMs. However, you can save on shipping costs if we ship everything to your warehouse, packaged for each location, and you distribute to the branches.

Due Dates

1st Quarter

Signed Contract Due
November 1

Approved Creative Due
November 15

Approximate Run Dates
January 1 - March 31

2nd Quarter

Signed Contract Due
February 1

Approved Creative Due
February 15

Approximate Run Dates
April 1 - June 30

3rd Quarter

Signed Contract Due
May 1

Approved Creative Due
May 15

Approximate Run Dates
July 1 - September 30

4th Quarter

Signed Contract Due
August 1

Approved Creative Due
August 15

Approximate Run Dates
October 1 - December 31

Artwork Specifications

Basic Design

Live area is 2.2" wide x 5.25" high. No bleed. Can be vertical or horizontal.

Technical Notes

Adobe InDesign CS6 documents are preferred. Supporting graphics should be EPS vector files or TIFF images. Include all fonts.

We can accept other file types (high resolution PDFs, Illustrator, or Photoshop), but everything must ultimately be placed into InDesign for printing.

Special Considerations

No heavy ink coverage. Receipt paper is very thin. All colored or knockout type should be 12 point or larger and not too thin.

No 4-color blacks. Black areas should be black plate only. RGB images that are converted to CMYK usually cause this problem.

No RGB images. Especially those with black or very dark areas. Everything is ultimately converted to CMYK and the colors will look different on press.

Receipts are gang-printed with other graphics on a large format web press. Adjustments may be necessary for: font conflicts, complex graphics, flattening, rasterization, etc.

Include spot colors in layouts and logos where applicable. PMS colors will be converted at press.

Submittmg Artwork

We are Macintosh based and use Adobe software for production. You may want to refer to our art specs.
Email your artwork to Melinda Swarts at Compressed ZIP files are best, but please limit filesize to 10MB.

Larger files can be uploaded to our FTP site with FTP software:
Host: // User ID: atm1234 // Password: atm1234! // (no directory)

Contact Melinda Swarts if you need to send anything not digital.