Whatever you pay for blank paper, we'll match the cost!

  • ATM Receipt ads
    You Already Own
    An Advertising Network
    It’s a free, ready-made
    medium at your disposal
    Promote your products and services without paying
    anything more than what you already pay for blank receipts.
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    Bank Promotions 2
    Deposit Accounts. Lending.
    Debit Cards. Sweepstakes.
    All for the same price you pay for blank paper!
  • Novelty
    For customers who retain the receipts
    your message will be seen Over and Over

Don’t neglect the potential of your ATMs. Be sure that ATM users know about your products and services with custom, full-color ads pre-printed on the receipt. It costs nothing more than what you already pay for blank rolls and we can handle the shipping and distribution for your entire network. It’s a free, ready-made broadcast medium at your disposal.

Key Features


No Additional Costs

We match what you currently pay for receipts. In some cases, we are able to beat current prices. Plus, our design and preparation of the artwork is free.

Easy Implementation

Just give us your database, we handle the logistics. We handle the shipping and distribution to make sure branches get the right amount of rolls on time.

Brand Extension

Strengthen your identity with this novel touchpoint. Perfect for communicating with customers who may not otherwise come inside branch locations.

Customer Satisfaction

Receipts have special offers on the back for your customers. You can promote these as savings for account holders or debit card incentives.

Completely Customizable

Use our free creative services or submit your own designs.
Use multiple messages or focus on one promotion. You have complete control.
Advertise your products and services. Or we can set up sweepstakes,
incentives, and cross promotions for you. You can even offer tie-ins for
your corporate customers to strengthen relationships.
Utilize the entire front of all receipts plus one full back in rotation, or just the
top of every back. Use any configuration that doesn’t interfere with the transaction.
Change promotions quarterly or maintain them every quarter for as long as you like.
All advertisers and sponsors are submitted for your approval.

Let's Get Started

Debit Card Incentives

The Favorite

Our exclusive debit card offers are by far our most popular type of promotion. These increase debit card activity with discounts for customers who use their card. We only print offers from nationally recognized, reputable companies that you approve. You can even use an image of your debit card and tailor the ad to your match your other promotions.

These are just a few of our past sponsors...

Our advertisers

Receipt in hand


WE make it easy

We simplify your ATM distribution. Analyzing your volume data tells us how many rolls to send for each ATM. Branches only receive enough paper for the quarter. And every roll has an expiration label to avoid any confusion. These are just a few of our current ATM clients...

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